Leanne Shapton is at 192 Books tonight for SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIES!

New York, New York: Leanne Shapton is celebrating the launch of Sunday Night Movies tonight, Wednesday October 2nd, at 7:00 pm, at 192 Books ! Leanne will be in conversation and signing. Look, I nabbed this from the 192 Books Facebook page:

I think I've exhausted "beautiful" describing Sunday Night Movies, but it really is. I (regrettably) haven't seen many movies I maybe should have, but each of Leanne's paintings feels like something I am remembering. They are simple but powerful, capable of inspiring nostalgia and melancholy. Here, take it from the eloquent Elizabeth Gumport at Bookforum: "Other [paintings] take a moment to place, or merely feel familiar, like a lie you tell so many times it feels basically like the truth, or the way you might have remembered that movie, if only you'd seen it. Nearly all of the paintings are suffused with a kind of rosy light: bright whites, celluloid blackness, a celestial gray haze, like the long, dusty beam of the projector, or the glow of the Empire State Building on a foggy night. It is a soft light, the kind you shine on something you love." I strongly suggest reading the entire article here. It'll give you a little taste of what a magic person Leanne Shapton is!

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