Hey, Chicago! Peter Bagge is at Quimby's tonight for WOMAN REBEL!

Hi Chicago! Happy Saturday! If you didn't catch Paste's glowing review of Woman Rebel, I encourage you to read it. Of seasoned cartoonist Peter Bagge, they say: "He retains his visual DNA here: mouths gape or frown dramatically; eyes either widen in delight or squint in anger; lines of expression, whether conveying enthusiasm, anger, frustration, or surprise, surround his characters. No one emotes subtly or stands up straight. Spaghetti limbs bend every which way. It’s a rich illustrative vocabulary that makes use of the classical comic forms of exaggeration. The overblown aesthetic also fits perfectly with the story of a woman who pissed off everyone she knew on a regular basis."

The Chicago Reader quotes Peter Bagge as saying, "There were so many stories. The book could've been 1000 pages long." In about a tenth so many pages, Woman Rebel jam-packs the stories and achievements that made Margaret Sanger such an influential, controversial character. And Peter Bagge's classic style is perfect for illustrating the woman rebel's enthusiasm. I especially like when she's drawn with fiery, determined eyes. See:

So, you're intrigued? Well, Chicago, Peter Bagge is going to be at Quimby's tonight, Saturday October 19th, at 7pm! If you're the Facebook type, their event is here for the attending.

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