New Thor Posters and Other Marvel News.

Finally, Agents of SHIELD premiere tonight! Will you be watching? After my review of Brave tomorrow, I  will hopefully post a review for Agents of SHIELD Thursday, and I will try and post a link to the full episode once I find it.
Now for some Marvel news, New Thor: The Dark World posters of Jane and Lady Sif have been released, which are at the bottom of the post. I am a little surprised that a Loki poster has yet to be released. On other Thor: the Dark World news, director, Alan Taylor, admits to having problems with some scenes in the film and called in Joss Whedon to help with rewriting the script. While it is always a great idea to bring in the Great Joss Whedon to help with anything, it is not great news that they had problems at all, despite this, I am still majorly excited for the film. Below is a video with the story.

On other Marvel news, the Ant-Man film has been moved up to a July release date opposed to a November release to replace Pirates 5 and Star Wars Ep. 7, which are behind schedule. Hopefully Edgar Wright can get the film finished in time, rushing anything is always a bad idea. For more information on the Ant-Man release date check out the video below where you can also find more information on Star Wars, Pirates 5, Katee Sackhoff as Miss Marvel, which is something to cover in a whole other post.

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