Star Wars Theme by Lindsey Stirling!

 For Geek Week on YouTube, Lindsey Stirling has finally made a Star Wars medley video! If you are unfamiliar with Lindsey Stirling's work, she is a violinist and my favorite musician by far; her music is beyond amazing! She has made covers of the Lord of the Rings, Halo, and several other famous themes, as well as her own original music, which is equally amazing. This is one of my favorite videos on YouTube, it combines two of my favorite things, Lindsey's music and Star Wars, into one awesome video. Also the ending is hilarious, I love it! While this is fantastic, it would also be great to hear a version without Hollens part so we can just hear the violin, that would also be great. At some point I need to make a post ranking her songs and videos. Also thumbnail for the video is my new desktop background. Now I know what I will be listening to on loop -- for the rest of life.....

Here is a behind the scenes video of the video.

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