Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Casting News!

Marvel has released some big casting news for Guardians of the Galaxy! Vin Diesel has been cast as Groot and Bradley Cooper has been cast as Rocket Raccoon. Groot is basically a super strong and intelligent Ent (aka talking tree) that is from another planet. Despite his intelligence, Groot typically can only say one phase, "I am Groot!," due to the wooden nature of his vocal cords. Considering Vin Diesel's gravely voice, he is perfect for the role, although why cast a big star for a limited role. It has been reported for a while that Diesel has been talking to Marvel for various roles, and he has said that the original intention of the meeting was for Vin to play a main character in a Phase 3 Marvel film. While I think he is a solid actor, there is no reason to cast someone like him in any main roles, because he is way too high profile and does not fit any character that is currently in development or any character that comes to mind. Although Vin has not been officially signed on for the film, it is mostly a done deal for the role of Groot.
The rumor that Bradley Cooper will voice Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy are unfortunately true. While Cooper is certainly a good actor, he, too, is too high profile for just a voice and motion capture role. Rocket Raccoon should have a cockney or Australian accent, and I hope that Cooper will somehow pull it off because Rocket Raccoon is an awesome and hilarious character, despite the absurdity of the character. If you have seen Cooper in a role that required him to have a British accent or something similar, please let me know in the comments. Below are a few clips from the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 video game, which features Rocket Raccoon as I would want the character to be portrayed, with the same accent. What are your thoughts on the casting choices? Please comment below and check back tomorrow for Avengers 2 casting news.
Diesel and Groot
Cooper and Rocket Raccoon
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