Lists, Lists, and More Lists!

Ever since my Top 100 Movies List was a surprise hit on J and J Productions, I wanted to try making more lists! I have several ideas for lists and I want you to vote on for me to write and eventually post. If you have a potential list idea for me to make, please comment and let me know, reader input is always important, and you can vote for more than one, depending on which you would like to see.
Here are my ideas:
Top 35 Comic Book Movies
Top 25 Casting Choices (Comic Book)
Top 25 Comedies
Top 25 Fantasy Movies
Top 25 Sci-Fi Movies
Top Spy Movies
Top Suspense Thrillers
Top Mystery Movies
Top 10 Filmmakers/Directors
Top 10 Actors
Top 10 Actresses
Top 10 Based on History Movies
Top 10 Batman Nolanverse Characters
Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters (movie Avengers)
Top 10 Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters
Top 10 Worst Comic Book Movies
Best Non-Comic Book Superhero Movies
Also I have a Top 25 Scripted TV Shows list mostly completed, I only need to finish a TV show I am watching to complete the list. Please check back tomorrow for the recent Thor trailer review.
If you want to contact us or have any questions please send an e-mail to

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