Batman/Superman Movie Officially Announced

It is official, Batman will be part of the Man of Steel of sequel! What millions of fans have clamoring for is finally becoming a reality. The movie is set to be released in 2015, the same year as Star Wars Ep. VI, Avengers 2, and Ant-Man, therefore 2015 could be the most epic year in the history of cinema. Zack Sndyer is coming back to direct the sequel, which is not a bad thing nor it is the best thing for the franchise. The actor for Batman has yet to be announced however, there is plenty of time before principle photography begins so announce will not be for a while. It is mostly confirmed that Christian Bale will not be returning to reprise his role of Batman nor will any of the other "Nolanverse" characters be featured in the film. David Goyer is set to unfortunately pen the script again for the sequel. While Goyer can be a solid writer, his script for Man of Steel lacked the human touch and made all but Superman's character feel cold and distant. As for Batman, it has been suggested that he will play part of an antagonist, possibly fighting Superman, at least in the beginning. Unless Kryptonite or something similar is introduced in the Man of Steel universe, Batman stands no chance. Sure, Batman have defeated Superman in the Dark Knight Returns comic, but Superman did not really want to hurt Bruce. Other rumors are that a Flash movie is set for a 2016 release date and a Justice League film in 2017.
This is somewhat off topic but something that I will understand is why everyone was complaining about the recent reboot of Spider-Man before it even came out because people thought it was "too soon" for a reboot, even though Spider-Man 3 was disappointing. Conversely, there was approximately the same amount between the horrendous Superman Returns and Man of Steel yet no one was being jerk and complaining that it was "too soon" for a reboot. Also people are not complaining that is too soon for Batman to be rebooted, it makes no sense! Regardless, Man of Steel and the Dark Knight movie will either be the fun team-up fans have been waiting for, or a complete disaster. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Batman/Superman movie? Please sound off in the comments. Also please check back tomorrow for my review of Death Note.
This is a picture of the official logo shown at Comic-Con.
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