Top 100 Movies: Part 10: 10-6.

The Top 10 Movies list is finally here! Surprisingly, the top ten was relatively easy to rank compared to the rest of the list with only number seven and eight being difficult to rank. However, the top six and maybe seven are set in stone; the likelihood of them changing in the near future is highly unlikely, but not impossible.

At Number 10: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Somehow Spielberg and Lucas managed to add something entirely new to the Indiana Jones franchise, yet take it back to what made Raiders so amazing. The father/son relationship is the best and adds real heart and more tension to the film. Although some might say that the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the last movie in the Indiana Jones franchise, I refuse to admit that disgrace to the franchise was the last installment because the Last Crusade ended the series perfectly.

At Number 9: Raiders of the Lost Ark
 Raiders of the Lost Ark is the definitive action adventure film that all other subsequent action adventure films were inspired by. Indiana Jones was one of the first action heroes that was made vulnerable and human, which makes every action scene intense and thrilling. Even the Academy recognized the film's brilliance nominating it for Best Picture, few action films are even considered.  

At Number 8: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The Hobbit has caused a great divide in the "Ringer/Tolkien" community, some like myself, love the film, even if it does not come even close to matching the greatness of The Lord of the Rings and others cannot stand the chances made to the source material. While I have intentionally avoided reading the book to make the film feel new and fresh, and will admit that there are a few very minor flaws, An Unexpected Journey is an excellent film. How can I argue more Middle Earth for the new generation, it is awesome!

At Number 7: The Avengers
Joss Whedon accomplished the impossible with The Avengers. Never before has a comic book film been so bold and unforgiving in the fact that it is based on a comic book, and never tries to hid from it. Somehow every character was given their moment to shine, and Whedon's expertly written banter is pure perfection. The action is unparalleled, ending with the most insane battle I have ever seen on the big screen. Despite the beyond impressive action, the film had heart and even made the seemingly invincible heroes like real people with problems. In terms of adapting the spirit of the source material to screen, no film does it better. The Avengers was everything I wanted to see in a film and no film has ever satisfied my expectations more than The Avengers, it is basically perfection.

Note: For the following Lord of the Rings film that the extended edition of the films rank the same as the theatrical versions but the extended editions just make a perfect trilogy even better.

At Number 6: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers/Extended Edition
Continuing Peter Jackson's magnificent trilogy with another beyond amazing installment, The Two Towers took everything of the previous film to a whole other level. Choosing between this and the previous film in the trilogy is nearly impossible, but the Fellowship was more fun and had better re-watch value. The action was bigger and the story grander, the Two Towers is a perfect sequel.
Sorry everyone for splitting the list into another part, it seemed like the best thing to do considering how many words it comes out to.
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