A little robot boy and his friends

People, we are so so so close to having yet another Brian Ralph comic book in our hands. Of course, Brian confounds expectations and delivers a YA humor comic about a happy-go-lucky (usually) robot boy and his lousy selfish friends. And his clueless boob creator. And a bunch of Giant Robots that the little boy has to fight again and again. Oh, this comic is called Reggie-12 and it's a collection of the strips that Brian did in the back of seminal asian-culture magazine Giant Robot (plus a handful of pages from the, ahem, Highwater Books Free Comic Book Day comic, as well as a couple new treats.) Rereading these strips I was surprised at just how hilarious these strips were which was something of a surprise because if you've ever met Brian in person then you know that he's something of a cold fish. But on paper, well, he's like an electric eel who won't stop making the jokes. Or an octopus who is holding a joke in each tentacle and then he gives you a spanking new joke one after the other until you have a total of eight jokes. He's like that.

OH, before I forget, holding up that page from the forthcoming Reggie-12 book is none other than our beloved and handsome Julian Ceccaldi who is leaving the Drawn & Quarterly family (co-operation!) after working at our store since he was just a youngster. So long, Julien! You are the best and will be sorely missed.

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