11 Tag: The Sequel.

Solace Utara has tagged for the 11 Tag, since I have already done this several times, I will only answer her questions.
1. What movie are you looking forward to most this year?
The Hobbit 2 and Thor: The Dark World
2. Opinion on Maroon 5, One Direction, Fun, and Taylor Swift?
Except for a few parodies of those bands songs I have not heard most of their music.
3. Describe your best friend.
How could I possibly describe my best friend Rebecca in so few words? Sorry for the copout but there are far too many things that I could say.
4. What did you think/what are you expecting of Iron Man 3?
It was amazing! The best film I have seen since The Hobbit and Avengers. Click on the links below for my full thoughts on the film and I will hopefully post a spoiler post next week.
Iron Man 3 Review: Part 2.
Iron Man 3 Review: Part 1.
5. Harry Potter or the Hunger Games or Percy Jackson?
Easy question, Harry Potter all the way, fantastic series of films. The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is one of my favorite movies ever made.
6. How long have you been blogging?
Over two years, just celebrated my two year anniversary a few weeks ago.
7. Five main fandoms?
1: Star Wars
2: Lord of the Rings
3: Marvel
4: Doctor Who
5: Mass Effect

8. Last thing that made you smile?
Honestly could not say.
9. What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Kind of already grew up but something in IT since that is what I am majoring in.
10. How often do you swear?
Except for a few very minor words (crap, dang) and Star Wars/Alien swearing (blasted it, bosh'tet), never. I am against any form of strong swearing, it is completely unnecessary and immature.
11. What is the object to the left of you?
A chest of drawers.
Thanks Solace Utara at Prophets of the Force for tagging me.
If you want to contact us or have any questions please send an e-mail to johnstarslayer@gmail.com.

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