Lord of the Rings Trivia Quiz Answers.

1) Answer to Is Aragorn king of the Shire: True. The Shire is part of the North kingdom of Arnor as of Aragorn's coronation. Later, he makes it a Free State under his protection.
2) Asnwer to Walkers' ages: Pippin: 29, Merry, 35, Sam 37, Boromir 40, Frodo 50, Aragorn 87, Gimli 140, Legolas no less than 500, Gandalf: Time has no meaning.

3) Answer to Aragorn's banner: Seven Stars and Seven stones and One White Tree

4) Why is Aragorn able to command the dead men? Because the dead men swore an oath to fight alongside Isuldur at the time of the Last Alliance. Isuldur then cursed them to have no peace until Isuldur's heir released them from their oath. Aragorn is Isuldur's direct heir.
5) Answer to translation of Aragorn's Elvish: Out of the great Sea I am come, and here shall I, and my heirs, abide unto the ending of the world.
6) Answer to the teen/adult hobbit question: Pippin is 29, an adult by mens' reckoning, but hobbits aren't "grown-up" until the age of 33

7) What was Aragorn’s Elvish name? Elessar

8) Who voiced the character Treebeard? John Rhys Davies (also played Gimli)

9) How many Awards did The Return of the King at the Academy Awards? 11 Academy Awards

10) What is Merry’s full name? Meriadoc Brandybuck

The Winner is Arda at In Western Lands!


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