Joss Whedon Director of The Avengers.

If you do not already know, Joss Wheldon directed the soon to be released Avengers movie. Although I have not seen many of the movies or TV series that he has worked on but they are very popular like Firefly, which I have not seen many episodes. But the reason I think he is going to be great at directing it is because he writes comic books. He is the only director I know that has directed a comic book movie and has written comic books. Some might not think that is a good enough reason to think he will do great but that means that he know how to write comic book characters and stay true enough to the comic book story line. Also Whedon is known for having strong female characters in his movies and TV series so I expect that Black Widow will be getting more development, which fans of her will like. The only thing that seems unsetling, is that Whedon has cut The Avengers from a 3 hour movie to a 2 hour movie.

Here are parts of interviews with Joss Whedon. For some reason the videos only parts of the interview and not the full interview but I guess the full interview might be on the Blu-Ray or something.

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