Ultimate Famdom Quiz.

I hopefully will post my 100th Movie Review soon but untill then here is a really cool fandom quiz.
I took this fandom quiz to determined what species or I am in each different fandom. If you also want to take the test Click Here to do so.

I do not know anything about most of these but the ones I do know I will comment on each one in order in which they appear on the list above.

Harry Potter: Gryffindor: I have only seen the first two Harry Potter movies but I do know the names of the different schools. And if I had to choose one it would definitely Gryffindor because that is the one that Harry and his friend are in and is usually considered to be the "Good Guys".

Lord of the Rings: Wizard: Yes! That is the one I wanted to be! Gandalf is probably my favorite Lord of the Rings character and I am always a Mage/Wizard in video games. "You shall not pass!"

Star Wars: Sith: I was a little surprised but I it is still awesome! I am Starslayer Dark Lord of the Sith!

Narnia: Child of Adam & Eve: I like the Narnia movies OK but I am not a big fan of them or anything. I am not really sure what that means other in the Narnia world.

Dr. Who: The Doctor: Another one I really wanted to be! I love the Doctor Who TV series. I have been watching it ever since it started back in 2005 and The Doctor is of crouse my favorite character from the TV series.

Star Trek: Vulcan: This is another one that I think fits me well. I am usually show very little emotion and I always liked Vulcans.

Here are Jacob's answers.

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