Top 10 Star Wars Parodies and Blogger Signature.

Before I start with the Top 10 Parodies I want to know if any of my followers would be interested in a guide to the game "Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic"? It is the essential Video Game that every Star Wars fan should play. The story in the game is the best Star Wars story outside of the movies and maybe better than some of the prequels. So please vote and let me know if you want us to write a beginningers guide to the game.

Also I have a new signature. It is a picture of one of favorite Star Wars characters Revan. And this will be at the bottom of every post that I (James) write. Thanks Jamie at Through Two Blue Eyes recommending that I make a signature for my blog posts. The name "James Starslayer" is similar to my Star Wars character’s name "Johnny Starslayer".

Tomorrow I will be posting the book review for Heir to the Empire.

If your a Star Wars fan you have to love Star Wars parodies. There just so many hilarious videos it is so hard to choose. But here is the list. We are not including any songs or music like "Cello Wars" or "John Williams is the Man" because that is going to be a different list of Star Wars songs and music. And professional commercials do not count. Any funny Star Wars parody. Some of the videos are not in good quality because they are older videos and are the only available in 240p or 360p.

At Number 10: Death Star Windows 7 Parody.
This one needs a little explaining. If you haven't seen the Windows 7 commercials a few years ago when the Windows 7 came out you probably won't get the parody. But I have posted a video of a real Windows 7 commercial below.

At Number 9: Grocery Store Wars (2005)

The Farm is strong with parody. This is re-make of the original Star Wars trilogy with a few food related changes like Ham Solo and Chewbroccoli.

At Number 8: A Clone Halloween: Gurve Meh Teh Carndy!

This one of the famous Lego YouTuber Fancy Pants best video and funniest video.

At Number 7: Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes - New Scenes! More Porkins!

At Number 6: Jimmy Fallon Star Wars Episode III Parody

Although I have never seen anything Jimmy Fallon has done before this or after but this is hilarious.

At Number 5: How Star Wars Should Have Ended.

How Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back Should Have Ended.
How Return of the Jedi Should Have Ended.

At Number 4: Empire Recruitment Film

After watching this I don't how wouldn't want to join the Empire. Except someone named Will.

 At Number 3: TROOPS: Star Wars COPS Parody

TROOPS: Star Wars COPS Parody was the first really good Star Wars parody and it is still one of the best.

At Number 2: Star Wars Help Desk

Why are there so many people with the "ID10T" syndrome. You will understand this joke after you watch the video.

At Number 1: The Injured Stormtrooper

This in our option is the funniest Star Wars parody ever. It is well made and most important of all it is hilarious. "Are you sure you aren't dead", "Should we kill" classic lines.

Honorable mention: Pink Five,

What are your favorite Star Wars Parodies?

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