Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Crisis on Naboo" Review.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Clone Wars episode.

 Thoughts: After last week's action packed thrill ride we had even higher expectations for "Crisis on Naboo" and it was a great episode, maybe not as good as last week's but better than the "Decpetion" episode. Crisis on Naboo started with the Jedi preparing the attempt to capture Chancellor Palpatine. And then we see the bounty hunters take out what looked like guards or workers. Embo used his awesome hat to take down a guy and then beat him. Cad Bane had an especially awesome kill when he used his wrist mounted line launcher to grapnel on to a defenseless worker trying to escape and drug him in for the kill at point blank with his blaster, which was very awesome. Also there was some very interesting tech being used with the holographic disguise. It is the first time used in The Clone Wars to my knowledge. Then on to the attempt to capture Chancellor Palpatine, which didn't were go as planned, or did it. The Jedi stopped the plan and there was a really cool action scene. And Anakin cut off the arm of one of the bounty hunters and you actually got to see for a split second. After the battle and the Chancellor saved Obi-Wan talking to Anakin about what has happened. And it showed that Anakin was losing him trust in the Jedi Council, which would later lead him to dark side. It was a good scene there to set up things to come. Right when you thought the episode was about over with the Jedi leave only Anakin to protect Palpatine. Obi-Wan find out that Count Dooku knew that there was a spy when Obi-Wan found a com link in his sniper case. Anakin and Palpatine were walking in what Anakin thought was dinner you see Dooku sitting at the table very similar to The Empire Strikes Back when Lando betrays Han, Leia and Chewie to Darth Vader. With Dooku not Vader sitting at the end of the table. Anakin quickly dispatches two Magna Guards easily. But in Revenge of the Sith they were much more difficult to kill. Dooku and Anakin have a short but none the less awesome lightsabers duel. The episode ended a bit abruptly with Obi-Wan and Anakin jumping on to Dooku's get-away ship and rescued the Chancellor. But that really isn't a major flaw since the rest of the episode was so good.

I have decided to remove the part talking about "The Good" and "The Bad" since most of it is stated above.

Plot: 8.7/10- The plot to capture Palpatine was interesting and had a nice twist with Dooku not showing up to meet the bounty hunters.

Action: 8.6/10- The action in the episode was very good and Anakin chopping off the bounty hunter's arm was cool.

Acting: 9.0/10- The normal cast were consistent and Cad Bane always has an awesome voice.

Art Style: 9.5/10- Nothing especially new but overall great as always

Overall: 8.6/10- Overall the episode was one of the third best of the story arc and all around great episode.

Story Arc: 9.0/10- This is a very short review of the story arc as whole. Overall the story arc was very good with Deception being the only weak link.

Second Opinions
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