So I've got this new yokai crush.

His name is Azuki-Hakari. And he's one of my favourite yokai in Shigeru Mizuki's forthcoming NonNonBa. Don't tell me those eyes don't make your heart throb.

He just sits around all day spilling the beans. HOORAY!

And like all the men in my life, he never sticks around. HOLY LOLZ.

And he's pretty smart to boot.

And funny.

And, uh, here's this gif, because I can.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Yokai Crush featuring the DIRT LICKER. Just kidding—there's no way this is making it past the pilot.

I'll leave you with this pic from Japanese Design. Not yokai from NonNonBa, rather Mizuki's hit GeGeGe no Kitaro. I'd like one please.

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