Star Wars 30 Question Meme: Day One

We decided to start the 30 Question Star Wars Meme that we found on Jamie at OpenIDthroughtwoblueeyes blog the questions are are right below if you want to participate in the challenge please let us know. We are going to split this challenge up into six parts and we will take a break from the challenge to write a Clone Wars review and we might post a movie review as well.

1: All-time favorite Character
Darth Vader is not just the best Star Wars character he is the best factional character ever. He is so complex and interesting. Even if you haven't seen you know who Darth Vader is. He is the most iconic character ever.

2: Favorite member of the Rebellion
If I was judging characters by the awesomeness Han Solo would win hands down. He is the ultimate hero and scoundrel. And Han always shoots first!

3: Favorite Member of the Empire
Since Vader is already my favorite character overall then is the best Member of the Empire other than Vader. Emperor Palpatine is the most pure evil villain in the Star Wars universe.
4: Favorite Jedi
Obi-Wan Kenobi is such a great character. He has so many quotable lines.

5: Favorite Droid
Come on! How doesn't at least like R2?!
Check back tommorrow for day 2.

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