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Comic tattoos for the week

Recently John P. was in the tattoo capital of the U. S. (Portland, Oregon) and met not one but two people who had King-Cat tattoos. As it turned out they both approached John's table simultaneously and startled each other with the coincidence. I present to you: Dave and Reba!

Moomin + Bjork = Instant Classic

{Yeah, I'm a little late on this one. Can't a guy take a vacation?}

John P on tour again

I'm a little late to posting this so my apologies to those of you in the areas I missed and John and Noah. John P. is out on the road again covering the entire continental U.S. and Canada in pieces along with his pal Noah Van Sciver. John has a new issue of King-Cat in hand as well as copies of his three D+Q books (Perfect Example, King-Cat Classix, and Map of my Heart). Get out there and support these guys. Likely John P. will never undertake such a grueling trip again. Here's the latest tour info:

ZAPP/Hugo House
7 PM
1634 11th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
ph. (206) 322-7030

Tues. 8/31: Vancouver, BC
7 PM
3972 Main Street,
Vancouver, BC V5T 4L8
ph. (604) 875-9858

Thurs. 9/2: Berkeley, CA
Comic Relief
7 PM
2026 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94704
ph. (510) 843-5002

Fri. 9/3: San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Zine Fest READING
Cartoon Art Museum
7 PM
655 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
ph. (415) CAR-TOON

Sat.-Sun. 9/4-5: San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Zine Fest

Tues. 9/7: Los Angeles, CA
Giant Robot LA
6 PM
2062 Sawtelle Blvd West
Los Angeles, CA 90025
ph. (310) 445-9276

Weds. 9/8: Joshua Tree, CA
Mt. Fuji
7 PM
61740C 29 Palms Hwy
Joshua Tree, CA
(Behind the Bakery and True World Gallery)
ph. (760) 333-9174

Sat. 9/11: Albuquerque, NM
Astro Zombies
12 noon
3100 Central Avenue SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
ph. (505) 232-7800

Sun. 9/12: Santa Fe, NM
True Believers
12 PM
801 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505
ph. (505) 992-TRUE

Sat. 9/18: Denver, CO
Kilgore Books and Comics
6 PM
624 E. 13th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203
ph. (303) 815-1979

A New Era

Thanks, Danger Room Comics, (and Quenton, below) for taking our mail adornment expectations to a new level. The precedent has been set, senders!

Tubby-mania hits North Carolina (watch out Tennessee, you're next!)

Thank you to Quenton Bowman, John Stanley's "biggggggest fan" in Wilmington North Carolina, for this ravishing portrait of a mustachioed Tubby Tompkins! Send YOUR fan-ly Stanley mail to P.O. box 48056, Montreal, Quebec, H2T 2Y5, Canada.

TUBBY: A hefty hero

Rolling into stores any day now, Tubby is the latest volume in Drawn & Quarterly's ongoing John Stanley Library series. A spin-off of Little Lulu, Stanley's best-known work, the Tubby comic book series lasted from 1952 to 1962, with John Stanley at the helm until 1959 when he left to work on the Nancy comic book series (coincidentally collected in our Nancy series.)
The Drawn & Quarterly Tubby tome, which collects issues 9–12 of the Dell series, highlights Stanley's extraordinary ability to create a well-rounded (hoh!) hero out of a supporting foil. Tubby is bossy, controlling, and conniving, a greedy gourmand embodiment of the unchecked id. However, as the following excerpt demonstrates, the titular tyke's truculent temperament is always held in balance by a built-in sense of duty and responsibility.
Featuring some of Stanley's funniest writing brought to life by Lloyd White's vibrant lines, Tubby offers incontrovertible evidence of Stanley's genius at capturing the conflicting desires that form the essence of the human spirit. Also: how totally adorable is little Chubby?!
(Click on the image below to read the whole story.)

Telling it like it is

In honor of the new Nipper 1963-1964 book going to the printer this week, here's a sample that will always remain as relevant as ever. In the hands of Doug Wright, wanton mayhem never looked so poetic.

Congrats Are in Order

to R. Sikoryak, James Sturm and Susumu Katsumata on their Ignatz nominations, winners will be announced at SPX this September in Bethesda. Stay tuned for all things D+Q at SPX (Devlin, Huizenga, Davis, Sturm and more....)

Jeet Heer In Montreal! Tonight!

The D+Q office was treated to a delightful afternoon lunch visit from Robin Ganev, Jeet Heer, and Michel Choquette. Everybody! Jeet Heer speaks at the store tonight!

Amanda Vahamaki in Chicago!

Amanada Vahamaki and Michelangelo Setola are showing their beautiful (often-collaborative) drawings at Lula in Chicago! I would recommend checking it out. You might remember Amanda from THE BUN FIELD and D+Q SHOWCASE: BOOK FIVE.

Reception: August 24, 6–9
Lula cafe
2537 N. Kedzie Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60647

via Anders Nilsen

Portrait of a Cartoonist As A Dog Owner

Judging that cartoonists spend most of their time along and drawings, it seems only natural that they have a dog as a companion. In yesterday's NYTBR, we are treated to an original Joe Sacco strip musing on the trials and tribulations of being a dog owner.

SPEAKING of Seth...

Have you checked out Seth's new re-design of Canadian Notes & Queries? Jeet Heer has a nice little summation of the whole thing over at Comics Comics.

This is also to be a future post on my blog how Seth is slowly taking over Canada, "Canadian Notes & Conspiracies."

New York, August 18th

Go see James Sturm in conversation with Steve Stern August 18th in NYC, FREE, 7 PM

I will find you, Juliette.

Few people know about my dedicated Juliette Lewis fansite and many would wonder why I have such a thing. Well, that's my business. BUT sometimes my extensive Juliette Lewis research comes in handy as a comics fan. This is one such time. More info here.

{Photo swiped from Bekah Paleczny's Facebook page.}

{That's not my myspace page.}

John P. on the road

John Porcellino is heading out on a West Coast tour in a couple of weeks, with copies of the new King-Cat (#71) in hand! Go say Hi. Check our events page for the dates and information

Save the date...

September 10th! Kevin Huizenga will be at Bergen Street Comics to sign and celebrate the release of his newest book THE WILD KINGDOM which is due in stores in mere weeks! Be sure to stop by

Cartoonist Survey

What are R. Sikoryak's favourite drawing materials? What is his favourite comic?! Find out in this interview by David Paccia

Paul's Montreal

Check out this interesting piece of photojournalism/visual history by Pierre Duchesneau and Christian Blais juxtaposing Michel Rabagliati's drawings of Montreal landmarks past + present against photographs of the very same. Fascinating! All this paired with personal captions by Michel.

While I take comfort in the fact that smoked meat and tombstone stores remain a part of montreal's present architecture, I will forever feel a shade of regret for missing out on that old time 9th floor eaton centre restaurant.

Next Fall?

I prefer the top one but I don't think it's quite there yet.

Additional epilogue? Deluxe hard cover treatment? Comic-Con debut? Are these things in the offing from D+Q?



for these two hugely deserving cartoonists nominated for 2010 Harvey Awards. Final ballots are due by M I D N I G H T tomorrow.

R. Sikoryak's Masterpiece Comics nominated for BEST PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED GRAPHIC ALBUM!


Con Continues

Check out the beginnings of Gabrielle Bell's serial comiconumentary about San Diego. This installment recounts some of her introductory visit 12 years ago. And be sure to follow up as it is true, some things exist beyond the realm of time!!

but before I go home...

Everyone in Montreal should check this out! Jeet is one of the most knowledgeable and interesting critics in comics, and he's also very sweet! Sure to be an interesting event.

what gives, Montreal?

A friend of mine who works across the parking lot from us just sent me a photo of what our building looks like right now. Apparently my bad mood has manifested itself into a giant cloud/possibly tornado.


Mistakes in Moomin Volume #'s 4 and 5

It has come to our attention that unfortunately the last 2 volumes of our Moomin series have had printing errors.

Volume #4:
Page 38 is missing final strip.
Page 110 is missing final strip.

Volume #5:
Page 44 has incorrect strip.
Page 81 has incorrect strip.

We sincerely apologize to those of you who have purchased these volumes. We will be offering "Errata sheets" to correct these problems. The sheets will have removable stickers which can be placed in the corresponding areas.

{To receive an Errata sheet please write to info@drawnandquarterly.com, try to use the subject "Moomin Errata" and make sure your mailing address is in the body of the email. We appreciate your patience in this matter.}

In the artist's studio: Doug Wright

Doug Wright's studio, circa late 1960s.

Thank you to Phyllis Wright and the Wright family for these splendid photos. The first volume in Drawn & Quarterly's collection of Doug Wright's Nipper arrives in stores this fall.

James Sturm August 18th

Go see James Sturm in conversation with Sandee Brawarsky August 18th in New York! The event is FREE and will be followed by a book signing + reception.

Tuesday, August 18, 7 pm
Congregation Rodeph Sholom
7 West 83rd Street
New York, NY

Car Engine Drawing Show

Hey Chicago! Go see the Anders Nilsen-curated Car Engine Invitational Drawing Show at Lula. The show features 23 artists including Gabrielle Bell, Ron Rege, Anders Nilsen, Marc Bell and others!

2541 N Kedzie Blvd,
Chicago, Il 60618

Buenos Aires report

We booked a trip right in the middle of the San Diego convention and flew 6,000 miles south to Argentina. It was a vacation not entirely without comics - there's Malfada painted on one of the thousands of newsstands that seemingly occupy every block in Buenos Aires...

And here's two of Argentina's finest contemporary cartoonists: Liniers (at left, wearing a Montreal Canadiens t-shirt in our honor) and Pablo Holmberg, who has a big grin on his face because he just received his author copies of Eden the day before.

Eden debuted at San Diego and will be in many stores in a couple of weeks. It's a beautiful little book that reads like a whimsical and endearing folk tale drawn as a series of Sunday strips.

And Liniers is no slouch either: he's a prolific and successful cartoonist (sample of his work above) who draws a daily strip for Buenos Aires' largest newspaper, La Nación, and a number of his books have already been published in several languages. Somehow he also finds the time to run (with his wife, Angie) a graphic novel publishing house.

It seems that everyone in this country is an avid reader; aside from the multitude of newsstands noted above, I don't think I've seen as many bookstores in any other city I've visited (the high literacy rate might have something to do with the fact that universities here are free). Many of these stores are knock outs visually (like Eterna Cadencia, pictured here) and specialize in literature. As far as I could tell, there are no chain stores anywhere. Even Amazon doesn't operate here (maybe it costs too much money to ship books all the way down here).

Eterna Cadencia seemed like the kind of place that has been an institution for decades, but the manager told me it's only been open for 5 years (just a little longer than D+Q's own bookstore). Note how the trees outside have no leaves; July is the dead of winter (or their version of it) in Argentina.

Oddly, for a country with a rich cartooning tradition, none of the bookstores here seem to know what to do with graphic novels (it's kind of like North America ten years ago). A lot of stores seem to pile all comics in the "Humor" section, with the sole exception of Liniers' books, which are always front and center.

If it's not "humor," it's "Literatura Fantastica," which sounds like the place to go if you need to complete your Boris Vallejo collection. (Liniers - please do something about this! It's all in your hands!)

What's this?! Dios mio, is that a glimmer of Guelph, Ontario culture protruding from this Buenos Aires bookshelf? Yes, it's George Sprott (Spanish edition). Maybe the change is happening now and in a couple of years the bookstores here will have proper "Historietas" sections (that's what they call comics here, which seems a lot more sensible than the "graphic novel" term we've been saddled with).

More Malfada. Do Malfalda enthusiasts make pilgrimages to see this plaque?

And still more Malfada. She's the Moomin of South America.

There are hundreds of these ornate, iron poster showcases all over town. The picture of the sun and two boats is the city logo for Buenos Aires and it was designed several decades ago by the grandfather of Maria Lourdes (Pablo Holmberg's wife).

You can never be far enough from San Diego. On Monday we took a ferry ride to Uruguay and we bought the local paper. And there it was: coverage of the Comic Con.

OK, I have no more photos from our trip dealing about comics or bookstores, so I'll leave you with this one, a memory that will be permanently embedded in my memory for the rest of my life. Here's a typical sidewalk in Buenos Aires - beware anyone planning to come here with a stroller or a wheelchair.

Thank you Peggy for the Air Miles!


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