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More Stanley Halloween LOonacy!

One last little blog post before I go home and slip into the costume that I'll be wearing for the next 72 hours until it becomes so stiffened by dried taffy and spilled beer that it no longer bends at the elbows. Nothing says creepy like Oona Goosepimple, but this story, excerpted from next summer's Nancy Volume Two, is particularly... unsettling.

Melvin Overkill

A few weeks ago, the Devlin-Burns-Oliveros-Lesenko clans went to the Pumpkin Festival, where Marina smartly noted this Melvin Monster pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!

More monster!

In celebration of Halloween, it seemed appropriate to post an excerpt from the upcoming Melvin Monster Volume Two, from our John Stanley Library series. This story features a favourite recurring character of mine, the witchy Little Horror (whose name I don't recommend that you repeat out loud in your crowded workplace, as it is liable to cause a misunderstanding with your cubicle neighbors.)

Melvin Monster Volume One
is, of course, already in stores. We recommend that you buy a few dozen copies to hand out to trick-or-treaters. Happy halloween!

Attn. T-Dotters! Blechman and Seth at the IFOA!

Looking for a little something to do earlier in the day before you get your gear on and go carousing? Then stop by the always a good time International Festival of Authors at noon tomorrow, to see Seth and R.O. Blechman engage in conversation with the incredibly comics astute Walrus critic, Sean Rogers. Brigatine Room, Harbourfront,12:00 PM.

You clamor, we deliver (sort of)

Despite the outcry from some far reaches of the blogosphere, we here at D & Q stand by our design decision to not include the covers of the comics collected in our John Stanley Library series. Nevertheless, we are a kind and benevolent publisher, and so, for your viewing pleasure this Hallowe'en, we happily present the covers of Melvin Monster issues #4, 5, and 6, which will not be appearing in the upcoming Melvin Monster Volume 2, in stores March 2010.

Please note the creepy "human bean" costume on the cover of the October issue...

Seth Halloween Illustrations in the NY Times.

Visit the NYT Op-Ed page to see how Seth's silent illustrations, which usually seem so idyllic, can all of sudden seem pretty creepy. (in a good way of course)

Partying Like It's 1929.

Look at this wonderful Halloween invitation to a party at Frank King's home! I love how it says it's going to be a rough night, the more things change.....

And I don't know what I like most about this photo, the fact that Frank carved the most awesome jack-o-lantern, or the fact that he had statues and toys on his dresser. Again, the more things change....

For the archivists out there, we believe these documents originate in the mid-1920s, do not pay attention to the title of this blog.

Also, have I mentioned that the next volume of Walt and Skeezix 1927-28 comes out in Spring 2010?

Tonight at Rocketship!

Brooklynites! Come down to Rocketship tonight for a slideshow presentation and signing of MASTERPIECE COMICS by R. Sikoryak!

MAP OF MY HEART tour (final Fall stop!)

Tomorrow night is the last date on John P.'s 20th Anniversary of King-Cat/release of Map of My Heart tour.

John Porcellino appears at Wonder Fair (803 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044; 406-360-5875) from 6-9pm with his current touring buddy Patrick Porter (acoustic music).

Also, here's a great signing report on there recent Big Brain signing.

While the getting's good...

Julie Morstad has some super nice and awfully affordable signed and numbered prints up for sale on her website

Matt Lienes interviews Marc Bell

Something I never expected to see...

Chris Ware draws an iPhone?! Get out this new strip in the latest New Yorker.

Boston Book Festival (the aftermath)

Seriously, the rainiest, windiest, cop-hasslingest book festival ever. Although it was very fun and the customers were EXTREMELY book hungry. But it was crazy!! It rained almost constantly. Every now and then the wind would dump buckets of water on the customers, eventually it warmed up and windstorms came in tearing down our booth (literally) and finally the Boston Police Department shut the whole thing down about an hour and a half before the scheduled finish. But sales were great despite the weather until our booth was destroyed. Is there convention insurance?

Look at these cute comic fans huddled together against the elements! They want books more than anything.

Peg working it. Here she is talking to Sasha Watson from DoubleX about women in comics.

Y'know, I'm from Boston and I kind of forget that parts of it are really beautiful. I mostly remember how ornery people are (I've sworn off the "M" word). But it was great seeing the city again and tons of old friends as well as old customers from The Million Year Picnic dropped by which was nice. Boston is a great book city and a great comics city so it wasnt exactly a surprise how often people were informed about our books--"I looked up to see a book festival and then to see my favorite publisher!"--or how happy the uninformed were to learn who we are. Really, we were almost assaulted minute by minute with questions or pleas--"Who are you?," "Where are you from?," "Thanks for coming!," "Come back next year--don't let the rain get you down!," "Boston needed a book festival, we love books!"

That said, our Moomin books, Nancy, Melvin Monster and Masterpiece Comics were hot sellers We almost sold out of Masterpiece before Bob did his slide show. In fact, have I mentioned how sharp the BBF was with their programming? Bob was on a panel called "And Now For Something Completely Different" with McSweeneys author Jessica Anthony, and the super-nice-came-by-the-booth-and-bought-some-books Paul Tremblay. A cartoonist on a panel with novelists? The BBF knows that they have smart attendees and there is no need to do separate comics programming. Love it! Bob had to sign the last couple of books standing up on the sidewalk because our booth had blown down around us. Did I mention the wind?

Some college kid did not make his kegger money this weekend.

826 Boston was in attendance promoting literacy for kids and selling McSweeneys books. I believe their theme is "Bigfoot Research" with which I admit to being a bit disappointed. I kind of feel like they should be wearing tri-corner hats and silver-smithing or something but then again I suppose that Johnny Tremaine might have put me off reading for an extra 5 years and who doesn't love giant mysterious ape-men even if they seem geographically inappropriate. And my initial Lizzie Borden suggestion is just plain wrong.

These kids could not believe that there was a real live cartoonist in front of them. They hung on Bob for half an hour.

A very high percentage of older professorial types who did not actually scoff at the idea of reading comic books. Go figure. His friend bought all three AYA volumes. Did we mention how much Boston likes books?

Finally Peg's super sweet cousins, Anna and Meg Burns showed up right before the fuzz shut the whole thing down (was it really a safety issue or an anti-intellectual show of force? Hmmm?! HMMM?!?!) I include this picture so that you can get a sense of us as "real people" and not just "gifted and savvy business people."

Gabrielle! Anders! Panel discussion!

Go and see Gabrielle Bell and Anders Nilsen in Richmond this Sunday! They will be signing books and discussing comics at the Modlin Center for the Arts at the University of Richmond. The event is entirely FREE and will also feature Kim Deitch and Hope Larson with Chris Pitzer as moderator. 7:00 PM be there.

Marc Bell in New York City!

The continuing tour for Marc Bell's HOT POTATOE lands in New York City at Village Voice reader's poll fave comic shop:

Desert Island
Sunday, October 25th, 5-7pm (confirmed time)(540 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn NY 11211; 718-388-5087

Mr. Gabe "Babe" Fowler, proprietor, has also issued a new six-color silkscreen fine-aht print, Comics Ain't Buttah! special for the event (but buy the book first, I mean, c'mon, help a guy out here.) {Gabe's note: There will be a combo for both the book and print.}

MAP OF MY HEART tour continues

There are only a couple more dates on John P.'s King-Cat 20th tour!

Tonight John Porcellino appears at White Rabbit (109 S Linn St., Iowa City, IA 52240-1803; 319-358-9557) at 7pm with his current touring buddy Patrick Porter (acoustic music).

Forthcoming dates:

Sat. Oct. 24, 2009; 5-7 PM - Minneapolis MN
Big Brain Comics (w/ Reception following at West Bank Social Club?)
1027 Washington Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55415
(612) 338-4390
w/ Patrick Porter (acoustic music), and Zak Sally

Fri. Oct. 30, 2009; 6-9 PM - Lawrence KS
Wonder Fair
803 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044
(406) 360-5875
w/ Patrick Porter (acoustic music)

Boston Book Festival

This Saturday, Peg and I will be heading to Copley Square in Boston to set up at the Boston Book Festival. Word is that there is a 100% chance of rain, so poke a hole in a green trash bag and come on down and get some sodden books and comics. Or maybe come for the special guests! Our own R. Sikoryak will be there. Also, you can bully John Hodgman, pick a fight with Dennis Lehane, or try to arrest Cornel West.

{Bob's panel starts at 2:30pm at the Trinity Church Forum.}

Lynda and Jeet at Haverford

It looks like not only will Lynda Barry be holding her workshop this weekend at Haverford College but our pal Jeet Heer will be speaking on Friday as part of the "Drawing the Line" festivities.

{How could I resist this K-Fai Steele portrait of Jeet?}

Se&#241or Sprott

What's the matter, Keroppi? Freaked out by the spoooooooky cover design of the new softcover Spanish edition of Seth's George Sprott? With a cover that depicts, according to Seth, the discolored corpse of legendary arctic explorer Sprott, this book doubles as an excellent Hallowe'en costume, as demonstrated below by Publicity Assistant extraordinaire Claire.

Now available...in Spain!

R.O. Blechman double bill!

This coming Saturday the 24th go see the highly acclaimed R.O. Blechman at Rhinebeck, NY's Oblong Books & Music where he'll be discussing his two recent releases Talking Lines and Dear James: Letters to a Young Illustrator. This opportunity is not to be missed!

John P in Madison

Tonight John Porcellino appears at Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative (426 W. Gilman Street, Madison, WI 53703 608-257-6050) at 7pm with his old pal Patrick Porter (acoustic music).

Forthcoming dates:

Fri. Oct. 23, 2009; 7PM - Iowa City IA
White Rabbit
109 S Linn St., Iowa City, IA 52240-1803
(319) 358-9557
w/ Patrick Porter (acoustic music)

Sat. Oct. 24, 2009; 5-7 PM - Minneapolis MN
Big Brain Comics (w/ Reception following at West Bank Social Club?)
1027 Washington Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55415
(612) 338-4390
w/ Patrick Porter (acoustic music), and Zak Sally

Fri. Oct. 30, 2009; 6-9 PM - Lawrence KS
Wonder Fair
803 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044
(406) 360-5875
w/ Patrick Porter (acoustic music)

Marc Bell in Los Angeles!

The continuing tour for Marc Bell's HOT POTATOE lands in Los Angeles with special guest Mr. Johnny Ryan at:

Wednesday, October 21st, 7-10pm
436 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA 90036; 323.782.9221)

Final Judy Jr. for now!

I'll post some more THIRTEEN strips as the actual publication date draws closer--here's another Judy Jr. to whet your appetite until then.

John P. back on the road!

This afternoon John Porcellino appears at Harper College (Building I, Rm. 115; 1200 W. Algonquin Rd, Palatine, IL 60067; 847-925-6000 x2389) at 12:15 PM. Open to the Public!

Forthcoming dates:

Wed. Oct 21, 2009; 7 PM - Madison WI
Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative
426 W. Gilman Street, Madison, WI 53703
w/ Patrick Porter (acoustic music)

Fri. Oct. 23, 2009; 7PM - Iowa City IA
White Rabbit
109 S Linn St., Iowa City, IA 52240-1803
(319) 358-9557
w/ Patrick Porter (acoustic music)

Sat. Oct. 24, 2009; 5-7 PM - Minneapolis MN
Big Brain Comics (w/ Reception following at West Bank Social Club?)
1027 Washington Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55415
(612) 338-4390
w/ Patrick Porter (acoustic music), and Zak Sally

Fri. Oct. 30, 2009; 6-9 PM - Lawrence KS
Wonder Fair
803 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044
(406) 360-5875
w/ Patrick Porter (acoustic music)

More Judy Jr!

I meant to publish this quicker but I was all wrapped up in APE. {See post.} ENJOY!!

APE 2009

I headed off to the Alternative Press Expo a couple days early this year so I could visit with a couple old friends and actually see the city for a change. As soon as I checked into my hotel (no bedbugs as an internet review had warned. Phew!) I hopped on a trolley and wound my way to Japantown to visit Kinokuniya to try to seek out some current manga to try and see if it fits into a future D+Q book. I found a few things and while talking to the very helpful clerk (as opposed to the clerk that said "ask her" without looking up at me), she recommended that I try out New People as well. Just a couple blocks away tucked into the back of a coffee shop/movie theater (?!) there's a cool little place with design-y Giant Robot-style fashion, toys, and books. In fact, I might even deem it yet another knockoff if it weren't for the fact that Yuichi Yokoyama designed the place!! The shelving is made out of the masks that grace his brilliant Travel book published last year by Picture Box. And evidently he painted them in the store during business hours. Nice.
The next day, I got lost trying to find the McSweeneys offices. I ended up on the wrong end of Valencia but spied this new shop (8 months I believe owner and sole employee David Pinch told me) Caffeinated Comics. I'd like to see a bit more alternative comics on the shelves but it's hard to argue with the fact that it was clean and well lit. And had coffee. It came very close to my dream store--Comics 'n' Ribs.

I can't even begin to properly describe the place that Eli Horowitz took me for lunch but imagine a giant chinese market that will fry your chosen fish on the premises. And now imagine a gourmet hamburger stand inexplicably operating in the corner of that market two days a week and then imagine taking that hamburger and walking into a quiet Chinese restaurant and buying a Tecate or soda and they'll begrudgingly let you sit there and eat your gravy fries and gourmet burger.

In case you were wondering, the McSweeneys offices are an even bigger pig-sty than when I last visited a couple of years ago. I don't think Eli (left) even has a desk. He's just sitting in a chair somewhere near a desk. And they have a TEAM of interns working at a table silently and diligently (I counted something like 9 when I was there.) Of course, there were many cool projects being worked on and most I am sworn to secrecy on but I think I can show a few in the next couple of days. {I came straight to work from the airport this morning and I get the distinct feeling that this is all going to read like a bunch of jibber jabber.}

In front of the McSweeneys offices is the snappy stationery store and publishing company Little Otsu. Here is employee Alexa being half a good sport about having her picture taken.

I finally got around to going to the actual Alternative Press Expo on Saturday morning and set up. Why we had these wonderful new titles--Red Snow and Hot Potatoe--debuting.

And these gentlemen (R. Sikoryak and Marc Bell) signing.

How did I pull all this off seemingly alone? I was not alone! I had awesome interns!! We hired two interns from the McSweeneys office. Saturday we had Ms. Katrina Ortiz. She was unflappable!

Anders went all Zissou on Sunday. And signed a ton of Big Questions 13. The official word is that there are two more issues to go!!

And Sunday's "interns are awesome" awesome intern was Ms. Gemma Juan-Simo. She was great as I left her alone in the booth for hours at a time while I commiserated with Frankie Santoro (see Flog for his APE hijinks) about how Chris doesn't appreciate Jessica and Alison.

APE was fun. Thanks to all the great customers and my palsies Caitlin, Greg, Mia, Doug, Michelle, Dylan, Tim, Tom, David, AND Marc, Bob, and Anders for hanging out.

{Peggy's note: Jibber jabber indeed, this post was riddled with so many grammatical and spelling errors to edit, you would think I wrote it}

Marc Bell! Vancouver! Tonight!

Launch for Marc Bell's HOT POTATOE

Lucky's Comics
Monday, October 19th, 7-10pm
3972 Main St, Vancouver BC

Today at APE!

A little someone told me that Hot Potatoe is literally hot and poised to sell out as are other APE debuts Big Questions 13 and Red Snow. So get over to booths 401-404 and say to our following signing authors!

11:00am APE Opens

12-3pm Marc Bell Signing

1-3pm R. Sikoryak Signing

3-5pm Anders Nilsen Signing

6:00pm APE Closes

D&Q in San Francisco today!

Bay Area residents, take note! Drawn & Quarterly will be at this year's Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. New books debuting will be Susumu Katsumata's Red Snow, Marc Bell's Hot Potatoe, and Anders Nilsen's Big Questions #13.

Both Marc and Anders will be on hand to sign their new books, along with R. Sikoryak signing copies of the the now rare first printing of Masterpiece Comics.

Overseeing the booth this year is none other than D&Q Creative Director Tom Devlin - go on over and tell him what a good job he did designing Red Snow. Sunday, October 18, Booths 401 through 404. Concourse Exhibition Center, 620 7th Street, San Francisco.


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